Failure is the word! #YourEduStory 2015

So this year I’ve signed myself up for the #YourEduStory Challenge 2015 in an attempt to be more reflective about  my teaching. I feel it can be so easy at times to let each day, week or year pass by without thinking deeply about my successes and failures as a teacher. This challenge encourages me to do exactly that – and I dearly hope I can keep up! I really like the fact there are weekly topics as sometimes I am lost for inspiration on what to write.

What is your “one word” that will inspire you in your classroom or school in 2015?


I really love this video on ‘Famous Failures‘ and find it so inspirational to show that success doesn’t come easily or naturally. However, sometimes seeing how successful people are right now makes us forget the hard journey they had to take along the way.

This year I’m going to be teaching a new year level I have never taught before, Year 3/4 and I’m sure there will be many challenges along the way. However, I also know that this new year level presents many opportunities for me and my students to embrace. There are many things I would like to try (and possibly fail at) including coding and gamification. I’m going to use what Sara Blakely‘s father always asked her at the dinner table to inspire me this year, ‘So, what did you fail at today?’

via stockfreeimages © Kianlin

via stockfreeimages © Kianlin