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My name is Michelle Wong and I am a primary teacher in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I have a Master of Teaching (Primary) from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Chinese Language and History) from the University of Melbourne.

I have a great passion for reading, writing and of course, teaching and learning.

My purpose for this blog is to reflect on what has worked and what has not worked in my teaching practice. I also want to show teachers that it is possible to embed ICT in teaching without doing any formal ICT training. Before becoming a teacher I would hardly call myself ICT savvy: I had never kept a blog; I had never embedded photos or images; I had never taken a video and posted it online. The most I could do was touch type! Yet, through developing my PLN, attending Teach Meets and using Twitter, I am becoming more multi-literate – something that I ultimately want to develop in my own students.

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    I just came across this blog, and it looks brilliant! I am looking forward to more tips on how to integrate ICT in my classroom!

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