How are you, or is your approach, different than your favourite teacher? #YourEduStory

My favourite teacher was my Year 5 and 6 teacher Mr D because he was kind, funny and had a genuine interest in me as a person. It is strange, but I forget most of the actual lessons Mr D taught us, but I clearly remember his humour, his smile and the way he would grab the book I was reading to determine its title. It seems true that “at the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Right from the beginning of the year, Mr D made us feel so comfortable because he was honest and informed us how much he enjoyed teaching and students. He constantly told us jokes and would sing funny songs about our names. We always laughed and had a good time with Mr D.

We never felt rushed with Mr D and no question was ever considered a silly question. Sometimes a session on history would be put on the back burner simply because a student asked a question and Mr D recognised it was a teachable moment that had to be addressed.

Mr D was genuinely interested in each and every one of his students. He would know what I was reading and I remember talking to him about ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. As a student I was shy and Mr D gently provided me with opportunities to be confident. He encouraged me to read excerpts of my novels out loud to the rest of the class during lunch eating times.

Mr D loved to learn. He was taking Japanese lessons and taught us how to sing ‘Heads and shoulders knees and toes’ in Japanese, which I still know how to sing to this day. He loved to read and write and had published his own children’s book.

I aspire to be like Mr D – someone who inspired his students to be life long learners in a fun, safe and caring environment.

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