How broadening my PLN through Twitter has improved my teaching

It has been almost a year since I started to more actively broaden my Professional Learning Network through Twitter and I have to say that the results have been enlightening and amazing. My teaching has greatly improved and as a result, my students have benefited. Over the past year this is what I have used to enrich my teaching:

Twitter. Before joining Twitter, I thought how on earth could this help me as a teacher? I am really not interested in the daily updates of Taylor Swift and Bieber. Boy, was I wrong! As someone once wrote, Facebook is for making connections with people you already know and Twitter is for making connections with people you wish you knew. When I finally joined Twitter, I realised that many highly intelligent and non-movie star people tweet as well. In fact, teachers are on Twitter and not only do they tweet, but they actually share their ideas to everyone! What’s more, if you  have a question and post it to Twitter, someone out there will read it and respond with something useful!  Since joining Twitter, I have participated in a variety of twitter chats, gained valuable ideas from teachers within Australia and around the world and heard about great apps to use.  I experimented with the app Tellagami due to Twitter and this is such an amazing app to use! Through twitter, I heard about the Student Blogging Challenge, Quadblogging, #kchatap, #ozprimchat and TeachMeets. I cannot recommend it more!

Twitter exposed me to the Student Blogging Challenge and Quadblogging. These blogging activities have not only provided a more meaningful context for my students to blog and thereby improve their literacy skills, it also enabled my students to connect with students around the world and for me to form positive connections with teachers.

Twitter alerted me to Teach Meets. I first heard about Teach Meets through Twitter, where teachers meet up face to face. I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to engage with teachers from a variety of schools and to be around those equally excited to be learning and sharing ideas related to teaching.

How has Twitter improved your teaching? Do you recommend any other ways to broaden one’s PLN? 

4 thoughts on “How broadening my PLN through Twitter has improved my teaching

  1. Hi Michelle
    What a great story and one I think many people could echo from their own experiences. It was Twitter that broadened my understandings and allowed me to feel connected as a teacher and as you say the ultimate beneficiaries are our students! The Teachmeets enhance the PLN by face to face interactions with such a diverse group we would probably never meet at other PL opportunities.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Dear Celia,
      Thanks for your comment! Glad to hear this resonates with you too. I can’t believe how much I have learnt from other teachers, such as yourself, through Twitter and Teach Meets. It’s so great to be able to meet other like minded people out there!

  2. G’day Michelle,
    I was on Twitter for six months before I saw the value of connecting with other teachers around the world. In fact that is how the student blogging challenge began – one tweet about who would like to leave some comments on my students’ blogs.

    • Dear Sue,
      Thanks for sharing! It’s great to hear how Twitter has benefitted other teachers as well and how great things (like the blogging challenge) can have such a humble beginning. I am looking forward to continue building my PLN using Twitter.

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